Friday, October 11, 2013

Blather-- Personal life update!

Okay! Cross Country season is over and I have unearthed my dining room table from under a pile of... well, most of my wardrobe, plus mounds of papers that need to be dealt with. I made a To Do Novel yesterday, and so far this morning have worked down past the multiple sticky note level to the actual list. Whooo!

This is the To Be Read pile as it now stands. The order in which I am going to read the books is this: Library books on the Cybils list, books for the Scholastic book fair on October 23, books I said I would review, library books that are not on the Cybils list, digital ARCs before they expire, then advance readers copies for January on out.

Whew. There are times when I am struggling to find things to read, but this is not one of them. As much as I like coaching cross country, I will be glad for the extra hours to hunker down and read as the chill in the air grows.


  1. That's a VERY serious pile of books--well, two serious piles... Looks like an eclectic mix though, which is always fun.

    Happy reading :-)

  2. Good to know you're gearing up for more. Looking forward to the reviews:)

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM EDT

    Read on!!

  4. WOW!You are one busy person! :) Good Luck!

  5. My pile is even more heinous. You are inspiring me to tackle it (well, 3 piles). The sticky note is a good idea.