Friday, October 25, 2013

Guy Friday- Feeding Frenzy

17675468Spradlin, Michael P. Feeding Frenzy: Killer Species #2
29 October 2013, Scholastic Paperbacks

Still traumatized by Menace from the Deep,  the last thing Emmet wants to do is scuba dive! His father, however, thinks he needs to get over his fear, since he's sure Dr. Catalyst is actually dead, so Emmet, Calvin, Stuke, Raeburn and Riley go for a beach picnic... and are attacked by Muraecudas! Dr. Catalyst IS back, and Stuke's leg gets badly chewed up by the combination of Moray eel and baracuda. To show that Dr. Catalyst is truly evil, Apollo, Emmet's poodle is kidnapped and held for ransom-- unless his demands to clear all the beaches in the area are met, Dr. Catalyst is going to drop Apollo into a tank of the evil creatures! Once again, Emmet and Calvin take off on their own to save the day, mainly because Emmet firmly believes that his science teacher, who is currently sporting a mysterious broken arm, is actually the evil scientist. Will they be able to save the day yet again?
Strengths: I have really enjoyed this series. Great, evocative Florida setting. Lots of action, awesome creatures, supportive and interesting parents, larger issues that are addressed without slowing down the story. Out for Blood comes out 25 February. Can't wait! Give these to readers who have devoured Zindel's Rats, Raptor, Reef of Death, etc.
Weaknesses: Come on, Scholastic! Only in paperback? That's ridiculous! This is a great series and fills a niche for boys. Please bring them out in hardcover!

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  1. I agree that they should be offered in hard cover. I just received this book and I think it may be popular with boys who may not like to read!

    And thanks for reading and commenting on my book blog!