Friday, October 18, 2013

Tomboy Friday-- The Worst Thing About My Sister

The Worst Thing About My SisterWilson, Jacqueline. The Worst Thing About My Sister
February 2nd 2012 by Doubleday Childrens
Copy provided by the publisher

Martina doesn't care much for her sister, who is pink and girly and gives Mart a hard time about her cartoons and the mess in her room. Mart's family is struggling-- her travel agent father is working out of the home because a drop in business has cut into his income, and her mother is trying to set up a sewing business. Eventually, the family decides to have Mart and Melissa share a room so that the mother has a place to sew. Mart is even outfitted in a frilly party dress for a birthday party in order to get some interest in the business. Mart is angry about having to give up her own room, and gives Melissa a hard time, but when Melissa is accidentally injured, she realizes how much she really loves her sister.
Strengths: Books that show the reality of families struggling in the poor economy are always welcome, and for a change there are two caring, responsible parents in one of Wilson's books. I'm sure there are many children who are forced to give up many things, and it's great to have books covering this topic.
Weaknesses:  Mart is rather a brat, and I found it hard to be sympathetic towards her.

The Worst Thing About My Sister Again, there are some great YouTube Trailers for many of the Jacqueline Wilson books, as well as a Jacqueline Wilson US web site!

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