Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Gum Girl

16250901Montijo, Rhode. Gum Girl: Chews Your Destiny
20 August 2013, Disney Hyperion

Gabby loves to chew gum, but her mother forbids her because, among other things, she gets it stuck in her hair when she sleeps with gum in her mouth. Gabby can't stand it, though, when she finds a piece of gum in her pocket on the way to school. When the bubble she blows comes in contact with the power line, she turns in to Gum Girl, with amazing super powers that can save crashing planes, etc. Peanut butter turns her back into Gabby, but chewing gum turns her back into a super hero. The sequel, Gum Luck, comes out in February.
Strengths: This is just goofy enough, and the illustrations are great. Very bold and clear. Good tale of empowerment to a certain extent. Like how the girl uses some Spanish phrases with her mother, but the fact that she is Hispanic is introduced without remark.
Weaknesses: I hate gum chewing! Also, the use of the word "nom". I am not the target demographic for this one, and that's where my problems with this come in. This would circulate well even in the middle school. May have to break down and buy it.

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