Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#WNDB Wednesday- Felix Yz

28525367Bunker, Lisa. Felix Yz
June 6th 2017 by Viking Books for Young Readers
ARC provided by publisher

Felix has some challenges in his life. When he was a toddler, his father was babysitting him in his lab when an experiment went terribly wrong. His father was killed, and Felix ended up fused with a fourth dimensional being named Zyx. Felix can hear Zyx in his brain, and Zyx can also type in order to communicate. Having Zyx inhabiting his body causes Felix to have verbal processing problems, as well as some mobility issues. These cause people at school to make fun of him, but Hector is very kind. Felix has a crush on Hector, but doesn't know if the feelings are returned. The lab where his father worked is very concerned about Felix remaining in contact with the alien, so a date has been decided upon to try to separate the two. Counting down to the procedure, Felix discusses his feelings about the separation, his fear of death, and all of the issues facing him, including Grandy, his gender fluid grandparent.
Strengths: This was certainly an interesting novel on a new topic, and I did like how it included characters who weren't mainstream, especially the grandparent and the use of alternate pronouns. This was similar in tone and style to See You in the Cosmos, Carl Sagan, and was definitely a fresh and innovative science fiction novel.
Weaknesses: It's great that the author wanted to include a trans character in a book where that was not the major issue, but there are so many characters with differences (gender fluid, gay, biracial, physically disabled) that it seems a bit unrealistic. Being fused with a fourth dimensional alien-- that, of course is realistic. It's a fine line, I know, but when there are too many characters with differences in a book, it often feels forced.
What I really think: Not sure I have the readers for this one. Most of my science fiction fans want something more exciting and adventurous.
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  1. I immediately thought of The Nose from Jupiter, which was very fun (the alien lives in the protagonist's nose). It sounds like Felix Yz is a little more serious, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing? (I highly recommend the Nose from Jupiter, which deserves more attention than it got.)(And I'm not just saying that because the author is Canadian!)