Friday, June 02, 2017

Half-Hearted 48 Hour Book Challenge!

Honestly, I just want an excuse to read even MORE obsessively over the weekend, and it's fun to take a break and see what other people are reading occasionally.

No real rules this year.

Register below.
Read as much as you want from now until the break of day on Monday. Report how many books you were able to finish.
Visit other blogs or create blog posts if you feel like it.

Twitter hashtag is #48HBC.

Matters of personal hygiene, ignoring loved ones, and taking time out to, oh, go grocery shopping and deliver dinner to parental units are all clearly personal decisions and have no bearing on the bottom line, which is finishing a lot of books!

Go! I'm off to finish Perez's The First Rule of Punk!


  1. Will do sign up post tonight. (I can't start until then). But so excited!!!

  2. I wish I could but can't justify it this weekend. I had a 3-day reading weekend last weekend when my husband and daughter were away, and should have another coming up soon, so can't manage it this weekend. But I'll be with you in spirit as I go to Armenian school, swim team, karate, birthday party, graduation party, etc...

  3. I'll echo what Jen said. I can't do it this weekend either. I have to work unexpectedly, am taking my daughter to see Wonder Woman, seeing a friend's last concert with the Charlotte Youth Symphony, etc, etc. Hope everyone has a lot of fun though!

  4. Wish I could, I'm participating in armchair bookexpo this weekend and have some family plans. Happy reading to you!

  5. Not sure how much reading I will actually get done this weekend, but I did pick up some middle grade library books that have been languishing on my TBR for awhile for this challenge.

  6. I thought this was next weekend! I will start reading in the morning, and invoke you when people try to make me be useful