Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mission to Moon Farm

28691905Rocha, K.E. Mission to Moon Farm (Secrets of Bearhaven #2)
August 30th 2016 by Scholastic Press
Copy provided by Young Adult Books Central

Spencer is still living in Bearhaven with the Weaver family of bears, trying to find out what has happened to his parents, who have not come back from a mission. When he overhears the bears talking about the fact that they don't really know what has happened but they don't think they should alarm him, Spencer runs off into the woods. He meets a girl, Kirby, who is trying to study the bears. Kate Weaver, his bear friend, thinks that Spencer is in danger and charges Kirby, but Spencer yells at Kate to shoo. Startled and hurt, Kate runs off, and gets kidnapped by the people who run Moon Farm, a cover for an illegal bear selling ring. With the help of Aldo, Spencer manages to find Kate, but the Moon Farm operation is extensive and evil. Will he be able to save her? And will he ever learn more about his parents?

Bearhaven is a well constructed world, with the Weavers' house being the warm and cozy center. There are lot so fun details about the kind of food the bears eat (salmon nuggets and some homemade peanut and seed butter for Spencer!) as well as flopping onto enormous couches. 

It's not all lazing about though, far from it! Moon Farm is a treacherous place, and other bears from the community have been lost to its evil devices. The cover of this book, with Spencer riding on the fierce Aldo, is indicative of the action in this title-- there's lots of running, close calls, and fighting. 

With its talking animals, Mission to Moon Farm will find fans from the Warriors crowd, but will also be enjoyed by connoisseurs of Northop's Amulet Keepers, Martin's The Ark Plan, and Rylander's Codename Conspiracy books. 

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