Thursday, November 10, 2016

Creepy Books!

24396989Monahan, Hillary. MARY: Unleashed (Bloody Mary #2)
September 8th 2015 by Disney-Hyperion 
Library copy

After Anna's death in The Summoning, Shauna and her friends have struggled to get through the school year. Jess is now being haunted, and Shauna and Kitty decide that they have to head off to Solomon's Folly to finally put Mary to rest by figuring out the circumstances of her death. Cody, who has managed to regain a bit of normalcy in her life, goes with them. They consult some of Mary's descendants (Jess's relatives) and some old letters, and slowly piece together the horrors that Mary had to endure. In the meantime, of course, Mary doesn't let up, and there are some additional casualties before everything is discovered.

Strengths: The first book in this two book series was so phenomenal and scary that readers will want more. This had some decent scary moments, a more high school vibe (which middle school readers enjoy), and a pervasive sense of creepy, haunted New England houses.
Weaknesses:The mystery dragged a bit, and this was less gross. For me, this was a plus, but my blood thirsty tweens revel in the swarming flies and decaying ghost trying to devour people!

What I really think: Readers of the first book will enjoy the sequel, but I probably should have bought another copy of the first book instead. 

28855782Bell, Alex. Frozen Charlotte
November 29th 2016 by Scholastic 
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Oops. Read this back in October and really liked it, but forgot to write actual review. Very good and creepy, so definitely buying. 

When fifteen-year-old Sophie's best friend dies abruptly under mysterious circumstances, Sophie sets off to stay with her uncle and cousins on the remote Isle of Skye. It's been years since she last saw her cousins -- brooding Cameron with his scarred hand; Piper, who seems too perfect to be real; and peculiar little Lilias with her fear of bones.

Sophie knows that in her uncle's house, there are rules she must follow: Make no mention of Cameron's accident. Never leave the front gate unlocked. Above all, don't speak of the girl who's no longer there, the sister whose room lies empty of all but the strange antique dolls she left behind.

As Sophie begins to explore the old house, a former academy for girls shut down long ago, she discovers unsettling secrets that shed light on a dark and dangerous history. But there are some secrets Sophie never expected to uncover. Secrets about her own family. Secrets that suggest Sophie may be in more danger than she could have ever imagined.

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    Frozen Charlotte sounds really good! Will add it to my list. Thanks!