Saturday, June 11, 2016

Girl vs. Boy Band: The Right Track

26073058Jones, Harmony. Girl vs. Boy Band: The Right Track
June 14th 2016 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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Lark Campbell and her mother  move to LA from Nashville when her mother divorces her father and sets up a publicity business promoting bands. Luckily, she has made a good friend in Mimi, who is an aspiring film director. When her mother starts representing the newest boy band, Abbey Road, the boys move in to the Campbell's sprawling house. Of course, they are given Lark's music room to use, and Lark must write her songs and play her guitar elsewhere. The boys in the band (Ollie, Aidan and Jas) are adorable, but prone to fighting and other highjinks. Meanwhile, Lark is crushing on Teddy, who has asked her to accompany him in the school talent show on her guitar. When one drops out after appropriating Lark's song, Lark's mother must find someone to replace him. No one can be found, of course. Will Lark's mother be able to find someone in time to meet all of the band's obligations?

Strengths: This is pure tween fantasy. Lark is blonde, pretty and has long legs. She dreamily strums her guitar and hangs out at the pool at her home with cute British boys. Yes, she is separated from her father, but the housekeeper makes delicious treats for her and Mimi. This is a cute, short read that will leave the target demographic swooning.
Weaknesses: This was painful to read as an adult. I tried to imagine a similar version, read by my tween self and featuring Shaun Cassidy, but reading the song lyrics that Lark comes up with was still excruciatingly painful. Then there were lines like "When Lark first enrolled at school, she'd been placed in the standard music appreciation course, but it had quickly become clear that she could easily be teaching such a class. (ARC, page 53.)" Riiiiight. The same way that avid readers could totally run my library. There was something about the tone of the whole book that bothered me, but it will NOT bother tweens.
What I really think: It's in hardcover. I'll buy a copy, and it will be read a lot. 

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  1. i'm so glad you remember Shaun Cassidy. I know a girl who crushed on Bobby Sherman.