Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I Didn't Do My Homework!

18296091Cali, Davide and Chaud, Benjamin. I Didn't Do My Homework!
4 March 2014, Chronicle Books
Copy provided by the publisher

A teacher asks her student why he didn't do his homework, and he has an entire book of excuses, from a living room full of monkeys, to another dog eating his dog necessitating a trip to the vet, to grandpa having a jam session. At the end, his teacher doesn't believe him... because she has read the same book, which she has in her hand, giving the whole story that infinite number of reflections in the mirror quality of the woman on the Land O'Lakes butter box holding a butter box.

The translation of the original Polish text is very smooth, and the illustrations have an oddly 1970s vibe to them, reminiscent of Edward Gorey, but with more avocado. Very fun for elementary school students.

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