Friday, March 07, 2014

Guy Friday- The Great Day

The Great DayGomi, Taro. The Great Day.
March 4th 2014 by Chronicle Books 
Previous published in 1984
Copy provided by the publisher

Using his trademarked simple drawings in bright colors that made Everyone Poops! such a favorite in my house years ago, Taro Gomi shows us the enthusiasm one young boy shows as he rushes through his day, wanting to be first in everything from eating breakfast to leaping out the door to taking a bath and going to bed. 

Photo: Why picture books from 1984 should not be rereleased without updates.This is a simple to read book that early readers would take to well, but I had some trouble with the dated illustrations. When I showed them to Picky Reader, she was able to quote from one of our favorites, Little Mommy: "Billy is Daddy/ He works in the city./ He has a new car./ Isn't it pretty?" I guess this goes to show that reading books with gender stereotypes doesn't necessarily harm them (she's an ardent feminist), but I would have thought this book would have been updated. This picture no longer even makes sense!

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