Friday, June 28, 2013

"Weird Al" Yankovic on librarians: "You do good work!"

 The Joseph-Beth Bookstore in Cincinnati had an enormous crowd of strangely attired but very polite fans assembled yesterday for the My New Teacher and Me book signing. I felt bad about meeting Mr. Yankovic, in a way-- he was so patient and kind to everyone, but it must be difficult to smile and be nice to total strangers for so long.

I gave him some books for his daughter, who is just about old enough to be in my demographic. This is why he is shaking my hand and thanking me in the first picture. When I said "No, thank you! I'm a librarian, and we couldn't do our job without people who write books!"

He then shook my hand AGAIN and said

"You do good work."

What a nice man. I hope that he has thirty more successful years doing a job he loves.

He certainly does good work!


  1. Great experience! I have found, after a million years working in bookstores, that most authors are very happy to meet true fans of their work and realize how nervous the people in line are to meet them and are happy to go out of their way to make them feel comfortable. Plus, it's obvious that Al is a total Good Egg.

  2. I had no idea he had written a book! I guess it makes sense since he had been writing lyrics for years. I know two other people who have met him and both of them raved about him and said he is one of the nicest guys. Glad you got to meet him and share books. :)

  3. How completely and totally cool was that??!!

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM EDT

    Great photos! My public library doesn't have this book yet :(