Friday, June 07, 2013

Last post of Day 1

Read roughly from 5-10. Junior Members did manage to assemble black bean fajitas for dinner, but aside from moderately a few fights, I've read from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. pretty solidly, so we'll go with 15 hours for today.Reading E ARCS from Netgalley slowed me down a bit, since I was reading some of them in 8 point font in order to get the pictures!

Joffo,Joseph and  Vincent Bailly. Bag of Marbles (Graphic Novel)
McClafferty, Carla Killough . Fourth Down and Inches:Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment
Fry, Michael. Zero Tolerance
Abdul-Jabar, Kareem. Sasquatch in the Paint
Strasser, Todd. Fallout

I read some but not all of:
Yansky, Brian. Homicidal Aliens and Other Disappointments (second book in series)
Quick, Matthew. Leonard Peacock.(Too YA)

I really rather liked the Kareem Abdul Jabbar title. It's available on if people are running short of books!

Twenty books for today, some on the shortish side, and I do have the whole Ninja Reading Skills thing going on, and no other demands on my time, although I think I missed a call from my mother!

Off to visit blogs, then to bed. Not waking up much before 6:00.


  1. Not waking up much before 6? On a Saturday? After you spent 15 hours reading today? (Don't get me wrong ... I <3 reading! But the internet and general daily chaos have robbed me of my attention span to read for that long all at once ...)

    We have a lot in common, internet friend I've never met IRL. But not that. ;)

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM EDT

    Hope you had a good, good rest.