Thursday, June 27, 2013

My New Teacher and Me

My New Teacher and Me! Yankovic, Al. My New Teacher and Me
25 June 2013, HarperCollins

I'll have the review up later for this book, because my entire family is driving to Cincinnati to MEET MR. YANKOVIC at a book signing.

I've been a huge fan since 1984, and have been to four concerts, three with my children, who are also exceedingly fond of Mr. Yankovic's work.

I know that MotherReader is against celebrity authors, but this is WEIRD AL. I liked When I Grow Up, and am really, really looking forward to reading this new book.

Ardent fans also really, really need:

Weird Al: The Book Rabin, Nathan and Yankovic, Al. Weird Al: The Book
1 October 2012, Harry Abrams.

This was a very brilliantly done biography that covered more of Mr. Yankovic's working life than personal life. Mr. Rabin's prose is snappy and fun to read, and the inclusion of random tweets and lists from Mr. Yankovic himself are fun. The photographs alone make this book worth purchasing for any ardent Yankovic fan. My entire family enjoyed this, and we all learned a lot that we didn't know previously, which took some doing.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM EDT

    LUCKY!!! I LOVE Weird Al!!! (and I must get those books!)

  2. I had not heard of this biography and I ran right to the library to pick it up. My boys love Weird Al and this book looks amazing.