Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

Kallen, Stuart. Time Travel (Mysterious Encounters)
After one of my students gave me a time travelers handbook, I thought "That's what I need! Instructions on how to build a time machine!!" Unfortunately, even though Chapter 4 is entitled "Building a Time Machine", there are no instructions. Dang! Just a lot of mumbo jumbo about whether Einstein and a bunch of physics people thought it was possible. So, back to square one. Perhaps my stamp pad needs to travel at the speed of light for the 1992-1997 date due stamp to take me anywhere. And the stamp existed in that time, so should be able to take me there. This book is of the opinion that travel to the past is especially unlikely-- who wants to travel to the future?

Did want to mention that there is a Time Travelers Convention being held on 7 May 2005. I didn't make it the first time, but I do have a stamp with that date on it, so when I figure out the stamp pad, I will be able to attend. This makes perfect sense! You only need to have ONE time travelers' convention!

Remember, Time Slip Tuesday is a recurring feature at Charlotte's Library that you should definitely visit!

Lorentz, Dayna. The Storm. (Dogs of the Downed City #1)
This book was received from Young Adults Book Central and is reviewed there.

Shep has been rescued from a life of dog fighting and enjoys life with his boy in their apartment in the city. When a giant storm comes, and the boy and his family leave Shep on his own, he doesn't know what to make of it. Another dog, Callie, barks at him from the fire escape, and he breaks a window, jumps out, and the two take off on their own. They soon realize that things are not right at all and end up in an apartment building, freeing the dogs that have been left. Many of these dogs are "yappers"-- small, pet dogs who are not ferocious enough to stand up to the wild dogs that constantly threaten the small pack that Shep manages to put together. The storm continues to rage, compromising the apartment building, and the group finds a veterinarians or boarding kennel to stay in. When the wild dogs come, will the "yappers" and the bigger dogs be able to fend them off and remain safe?
Strengths: Clearly, fans of the Warriors books will like this. Lots of action and fighting, even eating some squirrel (instead of vole). Shep has some philosophical issues about having been a fighter, and also about getting along with different types of creatures. I can easily gets behind a trilogy of these! The Pack (#2) came out in September, and The Return comes out 1 June 2012. Worth buying in PermaBound.
Weaknesses: Since it is from the dogs point of view, sometimes things are described as a dog sees them (elevators, refrigerators) which makes sense but nonetheless irks me a tiny bit.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to all the kids. That's exciting! Why is Surly Teen Boy going to the Philippines, if you don't mind saying (if you do, I understand)?

    I graduated from LSU (Louisiana State University), and they did a major overhaul of the on-campus dining areas and library right after I left. It is amazing. Just unbelievable. They even have a lovely coffeehouse in the library.

  2. Congratulations! On the eve of such amazing things, it is not a wonder that we consider our children our greatest accomplishments of all.

    And I am also disappointed that you didn't discover the secret of time travel. Very disappointed.