Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pixie Apocalypse!

Jones, Carrie. Endure.
8 May 2012
Things are not going well for Zara. While her boyfriend Nick has been successfully rescued from Valhalla, he hates that she has turned pixie and resents her. Her grandmother Betty is missing, and the pixie attacks in her small town have
increases significantly. When she sees an ice giant fight a fire giant while she is out on patrol, she realizes that Ragnarok is on its way unless she and her friends can stop it. Astley is still around, and Zara is starting to develop much warmer feelings for him, even though he is very upset when she "outs" the pixies at a town meeting where she tells everyone what is behind all of the attacks on boys and instructs everyone how to fight pixies. Frank/Belial is still around being evil, but Zara is more interested in what the partially zombie Hel, the guardian of the Norse underworld has to say. Zara and her friends travel to Iceland (I'll have to tell our former exchange student from there!) to visit the mouth of Hel and try to find out what they need to do to save the world. Astley's mother Isla is fighting the group, poisoning her son and turning Zara human again, just when she is falling in love with Astley and embracing her pixie powers. Zara is not going to let a little thing like losing her powers drag her down or stop her from finally putting down the pixie threat, or from keeping the world from ending. Don't want to spoil it, but the conclusion of this great series (Need, Captivate, Entice)  involves a lot of fighting, suspense, and intriguing twists!
Strengths: Zara isn't as whiny and love struck in this book; she is much more in charge, and I liked that a lot. I also enjoyed the inclusion of Norse mythology, and how the group takes a commercial flight to Iceland but is able to teleport back. The character of Hel was intriguing. And, come on. Pixie Apocalypse? Great rock band name, and fun to say.
Weaknesses: There were times when I got into the middle of a scene and though "Why are they doing this?" I'd page back to see if I missed some explanation. To be honest, though, this is probably more the fault of my extreme lack of sleep from the DC trip! Others have complained about the short length, but I think it was perfect, and four books for a series is very nice as well.

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    i heard at the end nick got home and made spaghetti