Sunday, June 19, 2011


Yes, I was phoning it in for the past two weeks. Sorry. Between the end of the school year and taking off for a week to D.C. to torture the children, blogging did not get done. Well, it did, but I was posting from the 1"x3" touch screen on my Nook. Fun.

So to celebrate summer, since I didn't get a chance to post my yearly pictures of the overheads worshipping their Overhead God, I'm going to indulge in some Personality Leakage.

My goals this summer are to:
1. Run 100 miles.
2. Read 70 books.
3. Sew 50 crib quilt tops.
Also will need to feed and clothe people, and tend to the garden. Since I just finished cleaning the house on a subatomic level that unearthed petrified sippy cup lids and hair clips my 17-year-old wore to kindergarten, I'm good on cleaning for a while.

The only goal about which I have doubts is the quilt tops. May not happen, although I made a good start today. I challenged my students to read a book a week, which many of them thought possible, but when I challenged the cross country team to run 100 miles, they balked. "But the break is 80 days long. That's just a little over a mile a day." THAT seemed doable. We all need goals, and it is important to understand that when goals seem impossible, many people give up altogether. The first cross country fun run in on July 5; I hope we get a lot of runners to come out!

Of course, the day after I cleaned out years worth of games, papers, unidentifiable kitchen paraphernalia and t shirts in toddler sizes (Youngest is now 4'10"!! Woo hoo!) I was at the thrift store to find Oldest Hawaiian shirts to wear to work and came home with the object at left. Yes! It is a mallard television lamp! Hugely popular in the 1950s. Everyone had one, and if the VCR didn't live on top of my maple 1961 Zenith television console, you bet this puppy would be there. And it was only $1.50. Do you know what these go for on eBay? $55. Uh-huh.

For some reason, the children have decreed that I must now be accompanied by one of them when going to the thrift store. No clue.

Well, that's all the leakage for now. Fresh, new book reviews-- and ONLY book reviews-- on way (I was horrible about visiting blogs as well) with just a tiny goal update. So far, starting today, I'm at
1. 0 miles 2. 2 books 3. 0 quilts
Wish me luck!


  1. Would love to meet you in person next time you're in DC, Karen! I was hoping to be able to identify the marble steps in the picture but no--I guess they do look the same! And good luck on your summer goals, too--that is a lot of crib quilt tops! Do you quilt them yourself, too??

  2. Well, I know the look on the faces of your children only too well. I have a few pictures with the same face, but eventually they find the smile again.
    It looks like you have a busy summer ahead, indeed.
    The books you reveiwed look interesting. I can actually remembering wearing a hoop skirt one Halloween and wondering why people did that - especially if you forgot when you sat down.

  3. Wow! Awesome goals! The only thing I'm commiting to is reading.


  4. Good for you in setting yourself goals. I bet you will achieve them all and more! Those pics are priceless as they remind me of family vacations when I was young and I had the same poses.