Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Milkulski, Keri. Head Games.
This is the third in a series, and I haven’t read the other two because I thought they were more high school oriented. While this one was, it would still be appropriate for middle school.

Taylor is a very tall, very motivated basketball player who cares deeply about her teammates. When the attractive Zach dumps her teammate Kylie and starts to show an interest in Taylor, she is conflicted. He’s cute and she’s flattered, but she should honor her friend’s feelings. Taylor’s social stock starts going up when the students find out that Zach is interested in her, and Taylor uncovers a disturbing bit of information-- the boys’ basketball team is trying to score with as many of the girls in school as possible, and that’s why Zach has moved to to her. There are other things going on as well-- Taylor’s fashionista friend wants her to model fr an upcoming fashion show, things are rocky in Taylor’s family, and Matt seems interested in her, but he also has some secrets.

Strengths: Loved the tight knit teammates on the girls’ basketball team. I will have to buy thi series because I know a lot of girls who will like it. The socal interactions also ring true.
Weaknesses: Too much Facebook mention. I know that this is prevalent now, but you never know-- any book that mentions MySpace is automatically dated.

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