Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Webb, Sarah. Ask Amy Green: Summer Secrets.
Like the first book in this series, Boy Trouble, this is about Amy’s complicated relationship with her extended family as well as her obsession with boys. Seth, her new boyfriend, is off to Italy, her best friend is in Miami, and Amy’s entire family is renting a house on an island near Cork. Amy has to put up with her younger siblings as well as her dysfunctional aunt and cousins, but her vacation is ameliorated by her 17-year-old advice column writing aunt as well as a cute boy.
Strengths: Lovely summer novel, with just enough romance, and a fab Irish setting. So glad this one wa picked up on this side of the pond!
Weaknesses: I can never quite buy that the aunt, Clover, is this big a deal at the magazine, so when the two are sent to Miami to interview a movie star, it stretched my credulity.

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