Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stargazer by Claudia Gray

I don't know why the first book in this series, Evernight, tefloned right through my brain; perhaps I read it with a whole bunch of vampire books. The sequel, Stargazer, was quite fun, and has renewed my interest in recommending the first book.

Bianca hasn't seen Lucas, her boyfriend and a vampire hunter, for a long time. This could be because her parents are vampires and she is quickly turning in to one herself. When she sneaks out into town to meet Lucas, she encounters Charity, a vampire who is causing all sorts of trouble. Lucas, unlike the rest of the Black Cross, is willing to believe that Charity is not completely evil, and helps Bianca save her. This causes trouble for them both. I liked the humor in this book, and while it doesn't break new ground in vampire lore, it doesn't slavishly follow it, either. The interplay between the vampire hunters and the vampires adds to the interest. Definitely one to purchase if interest in vampire books is strong.

Hourglass, book three, comes out on March 9!

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  1. Hey! She's a good friend of mine--just spent the day with her Sunday. I'll be sure to direct her to your review.

    I read Evernight in one sitting and cannot wait to read the others in the series!