Friday, January 01, 2010


The subtitle to Barbara Ensor's Cinderella is "as if you didn't already know the story: a quick read for smart girls". This made me have more hopes for the book than I probably should have. Our seventh grade does a unit on Cinderella, studying the story in other cultures and writing their own versions, so I thought this would be a good addition to our collection. It has its amusing moments, and the font changes when Cinderella is writing letters to her deceased mother adds a little pizazz, along with the silhouette clip art, but this didn't have too many new things in it.

This is what I get for buying a bunch of books from the Reading Warehouse because they were on sale for under $3.00. I fell somewhat bad about that, because the authors should be paid more, but if I can get more books for my library and it's legal-- sigh. This is also what happens when I get to the point in the year when I've spent my entire budget.

And my apologies, the covers won't load here at home. I'll try to add them when we get back to school.

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  1. I agree--cute (loved all the art inside), but a little TOO simple!!