Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashback Books

I have resolved to give up challenges (as well as interviews, contests and anything NOT a book review!), but I was intrigued by the Decades 2010 Challenge and have come up with a list of books that I have already read that most ably portray the life of a young girl in the decade of publication. This is a very personal and quirky list!

1860s- Louisa May Alcott. Little Women.
1870s- Susan Coolidge. What Katie Did.
1880s-Johanna Sypri. Heidi.
1900s- L.M. Montgomery. Anne of Green Gables.
1910s Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Understood Betsy.
1920s- Rachel Field. Hitty: Her First Hundred Years
1930s-Carolyn Keene. The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew #1)
1940s- Lenora Matingly Weber. Meet the Malones.
1950s- Beverly Cleary. Fifteen.
1960s-Jeanette Eyerly. The Girl Inside.
1970s- Ellen Conford. Seven Days to a Brand New Me.
1980s- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The Agony of Alice.
1990s- Joan Bauer. Rules of the Road.
2000s-Sarah Dessen. Along for the Ride.

Too early for this decade yet! The following nonfiction books are also great to take a look at :
Karen Blumenthal. Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX.
Leslie Sills. From Rags to Riches: A History of Girls' Clothing in America.


  1. I think you really nailed the decades. Great job! It will be interesting to see which direction this decade ends up going.

  2. That is such a fun brain game!

  3. It's such an intriguing way to look at books. And you have a lot on the list I haven't read yet. I thought I had read all the Beverly Cleary within reach when I was younger, but I never saw a copy of Fifteen.