Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"T" Authors

In Theodore Taylor's The Maldonade Miracle (1973) Jose is smuggled into the United States after his mother dies and his home is bought by developers. His father is already in the States to work. Jose ends up working with other migrants, including a teacher who is trying to expose the poor conditions . Jose runs into trouble and runs away and seeking refuge in a church, hiding in a loft and bleeding on a statue, which is when the "miracle" in the title arises.

Leon's Story, by Walter Tillage (1997)was written from an interview with a school's janitor who had told students how difficult his life was in the South. It is a very good description of the type of prejudice and difficulties that African-Americans faced before the Civil Rights movement. For example, Leon's father is run over by a joy-riding teen and killed. The teen's father comes, offers the family $100, saying that "these things happen". Told in a direct, first person narrative style, this should be read to gain insight into those times.

Jane Resh Thomas' Courage at Indian Deep (1984) is about Cass, whose family moves from a city, and now runs a small resort in northern Minnesota. He has trouble fitting in, is bullied , and runs away from home on the night of a storm. While in a cave along the lake shore, he sees a boat founder and is instrumental in helping some of the men survive. All of these titles are still in print.

Marthe Jocelyn's Would You (2008) is a good but incredibly sad book. Natalie gets along fine with her sister Claire, who will be going to college in a few weeks. Then, Claire is hit by a car and gravely injured. This is told in a terse, scattered style that I imagine mimics the way time goes when someone you love is in the hospital. This was just too sad to buy.

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