Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Happiest Spot of My Week!!!

Just checked my mail after dealing three classes at once (yesterday I wondered why I felt so frazzled-- I had about 475 students visit the library!) and had a package from Becky Riordan, the world's nicest person. Having read on this blog that I was overly annoyed with the plastic-with-trading-cards cover of The Maze of Bones, she sent me a library bound copy! And a Demigod inTraining t shirt that will make me the envy of all of my students! I spent my lunch time bouncing around the cafeteria showing all the students, who were very excited and demanded that I process The Maze of Bones immediately. There are now ten reserves on it!

I did not know there was a library bound copy; the one I had came in the review box for my book fair. I do feel much better about the physical book now, and would also like to say that one of my readers, who can be oddly picky, polished off The Maze of Bones in one evening and has spent several mornings in the library investigating the web site.

Ms. Riordan points out that the books are written to be fully enjoyed and understood without all the other bells and whistles, and this is absolutely correct. I am very excited about the rest of the books in the series because all of the authors are ones I enjoy, and the series got off to a great start with Mr. Riordan's book.

Many thanks to Becky, especially since I imagine she is busy!


  1. That's just TOO COOL. Isn't it neat to know famous people (and their families) read your blog?