Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi

Sunny is a hockey player who puts up with her twin, Rayne, a Goth girl. When Sunny accompanies her sister to a club, she is approached by a very attractive boy who flirts with her... and then bites her! Since he is a vampire (whom Rayne has carefully researched in her own quest to become one of the undead), Sunny has a limited amount of time to reverse the process before joining the social set where sleeping all day and eating raw hamburger are acceptable. Since she has a date for prom with her long time crush, can she reverse the process in time?

This series includees Stake That and Girls That Growl. The first came out in 2006, before Twilight became such a huge hit. I liked this book MUCH better. Sunny doesn't want to become a vampire, so it has a fresh, unwhiny voice and a little spin on many of the facets of vampire lore, while adhering to the main vampire preconceptions. (No crosses or garlic, the vampire who bites you becomes your soul mate or leading force in your un-life.) The only down side to this series, which is mercifully free of bad vocabulary and situations, is that it is available only in paperback. Couldn't even find a prebind. Also, shouldn't it be Boys WHO Bite? This will be a very popular addition to the body of vampire fiction in my library.


  1. The "Boys That/Who Bite" thing has bothered me as long as the book's been out! HA. However, because they are actually vampires, not necessarily human, I let it go. ;) I enjoyed all three books in the series, though. They were fun.

  2. Oh, sure. Now I have MORE vampire fiction to read... and such that even YOU liked it. Adding it to my now-7-page-long "books to read" wish list on Amazon. I'll never read 'em all! :-)

  3. Ms Yingling, I really enjoyed Boys That Bite. I can't wait for Bad Blood!

    You know me- Leah.