Thursday, May 01, 2008

What my REALLY reluctant 4th grader is reading

There are no good books in the WORLD. Nothing. They are all BORING.

Thank goodness for Dietlof Reiche's I, Freddy series. I have not read these; they seem a little young for my middle school library, and we all know how I dislike talking animals, although 4th Grader assures me that "it's not like they talk to the humans or anything."

Must admit, I am almost tempted to read these, given the description (from Follett) of Freddy in Peril: "A cat, two guinea pigs, and a colony of brave sewer rats band together in order to save Freddy, a golden hamster, from an evil scientist who's discovered that Freddy can read and write, and plans to hamster-nap him in order to dissect his brain."

The cobbler's children have no shoes, isn't that the saying? I'm just glad that my daughter loves these. We're donating a set to her elementary school library, I am so grateful. Since this author is German, here's a challenge:

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  1. I read this one not long ago. Although, I have to say that since I loooved James Howe's "Bunnicula" books so much as a kid, I'm a sucker for anthropomorphic animals coupled with good illustrations.