Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pirates of the Retail Wasteland Contest

Book I Most Want to Get My Hands On:
Adam Selzer's
Pirates of the Retail Wasteland

Is it ironically fitting that I would have to go to a Barnes and Noble to HOPE they have it, and I try never to go near strip malls because they make me break out in hives?

But I do have a gift card. Hmmm. I'm heading there to buy this one. I'm calling ahead and demanding that they stock it. Yaaarrr! (They had to order it. I did mention that they should stock it. I'm not entirely sure the clerk rolled her eyes at me... apparently, orders are done at a higher level. Have to go back this weekend.)

This author's other title How to Get Suspended and Influence People was reviewed here on March 22, 2007. I loved it. I will attempt to put the banner here, but I've having weird editing problems here. So check out the web site: