Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hawthorne's Snowed In

A student who shares my taste in reading let me borrow this, and I'm glad she did because it was the perfect antidote to the sadness of Sweethearts.

Light and fluffy through and through, this story of a girl whose mother moves her from Texas to the frozen north to run a bed and breakfast will never make it back to the shelves. Hawthorne is right up there with Rallison as my top pick for "pink" books. Ashleigh is not entirely sure about the move-- she misses her best friend, and the B &B is on a very small island, which means a small population of boys. She doesn't want a boyfriend, but everyone else has one, which makes dating difficult. To make matters worse, the boy she does like is the boyfriend of her new best friend!

The Harper Teen romances in a prebind are a great investment. It usually doesn't take my avid readers more than a day to read this, and for $10 each I can put in a good supply of new, eye-catching books that are decently written. I got in an order of 30 recently, and there is not a one to be had, although girls are still asking for them.

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