Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thesman's Nothing Grows Here

This is a charming novel that I didn't know I had until I looked more closely at the "T" authors. From 1994, this is the story of a Seattle girl whose father passes away, leaving her and her mother lacking funds. They move into a rundown but friendly apartment complex where the mother cleans. It's a hard adjustment to a new way of life, but friends and neighbors make it easier for Maryann, who misses her father, her house, and her old life. I rather hoped that the mother, who buys a partnership in a local coffee house, caught the Seattle coffee wave and ended up with a Starbucks like hit on her hands, because she and her daughter worked very hard to make the best of their situation.

I didn't like Jamie Michael's Kiss My Book. Couldn't get past the fact that there was a young writer who was accused of plagiarism in much the same way as the main character in this book was, and it seemed mean-spirited to then write a novel about it.

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  1. I read KISS MY BOOK as well. It was way too eerily similar to the real situation, in my opinion.