Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hautman and Logue's Bloodwater Mysteries

Both of these authors have some great titles individually-- Logue's Dancing with an Alien flies off the shelf when girls have to read science fiction, and Hautman's Sweetblood is adored by the fans of vampire fiction. I don't know how I missed this series, consisting of Snatched (2006), Skullduggery (2007), and Doppelganger (2008), but I will be adding them to my list to purchase. I always need more mysteries.

Started with the third by mistake, but wasn't overly confused. All center around Roni Delicata, a someone unhappy girl who reports for the school paper and solves mysteries with various friends in her spare time. I read Doppelganger, which seemed like it might be like Face on the Milk Carton at first, but went in a completely different direction. One of Roni's friends thinks that his parents kidnapped him as a toddler, because an age progressed picture of a missing child looks a lot like him. When the two investigate, they find a lot more intrigue, creepy strangers, and lies than they bargained for.

Not terribly long, fast moving reads. Need more like these. Note to publisher, however: First cover BAD. Other covers better. Perhaps since I waited, they'll have redone the first cover to match.

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