Friday, March 14, 2008

Sweeney's Headlock

This was a fun and intriguing book about a boy who decides to train to become a World Wrestling Entertainment sort of wrestler. Kyle is being raised by his elderly grandmother, so has some issues at home, but most of the book centers around the athletic and dramatic training needed for this type of sport. This is NOT a book for middle schoolers, and it still leaves me short on books about traditional wrestling, but it was very fun. The relationship with his older girlfriend, as well as some language, would put this more as a high school book, but I'm sure it would appeal to a lot of readers.

Napoli's Hush didn't work for me. Most of her work I adore (Sirena, Spinners, Zel, The Great God Pan, Stones in Water, The King of Mulberry Street, Bound, Daughter of Venice), but sometimes it just doesn't click. I'll still look forward to her next work.

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