Monday, March 03, 2008

First Kisses series

First Kisses is a very nice HarperCollins series that doesn't need to be read in order. They are lightly romantic and humorous, and the girls will adore them. About high school students, but appropriate for middle school.

#1 Hawthorne, Rachel. Trust Me. Fun camp story about a girl who spends her counselor-in-training time paired with her "arch nemesis: a boy. Complications ensue.

#2 Davis, Stephanie. The Boyfriend Trick. Musician convinces people that she has two boyfriends, but they are both imaginery. Complications ensue.

#3 Collins, Jenny. Puppy Love. Girl spends summer running doggy day care and pining after new boy in town who is dating her arch nemesis. I liked this one the best. It reminded me of the Tobey Heydon books. Very pleasing and well-paced. This is the only book I can find by this author, but I will look for more!

#4 Jordan, Sabrina. It Had To Be You. Agony Aunt moves to a web based format. Shades of Dear Lovey Hart, I am Desperate (Conford), but this theme always works. And my Lovey Hart looks really sad after 33 years!

Will look forward to:
#5 Davis, Stephie. Playing the Field. Published December 2008
#6 Chandler, Elizabeth. The Real Thing.Published December 2008

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