Friday, March 14, 2008

Elizabeth George Speare

For a writer from the 1950s, Speare has some staying power. Four of her books are still on the shelves and circulating. Write historical fiction; win awards. That's the moral of the day. Reported earlier on The Witch of Blackbird Pond. The Sign of the Beaver was also good-- boy is separated from his family in 18th century Maine and survives when he is taken in by a Native American father and son. He learns their ways and comes to appreciate them. The Bronze Bow, about an unhappy Jewish boy who hates Romans until he meets Jesus didn't do much for me, although I usually like books with Romans. Calico Captive was a little different from the other Indian Captive books, because a little way in the girls who were abducted along with some family members are sold and spend most of the book with French families in Montreal. Not what I expected. Good, solid, historical fiction. Dust it off and keep it moving. 

 Reading a variety of things right now. Was disappointed in Bradley's Hot Lunch. This author's first book really, REALLY (as in I bought three copies and none of them are ever in) good, and this has whiny characters and was a bit repetitive. The second Muchamore book is keeping me reading a bit at a time-- and looking forward to reading it, which is not always the case in a lengthy series. Also purchased (for myself!) a copy of Before Green Gables and am savoring it slowly.

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