Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Finnish Line

The Students Across The Seven Seas series is such a good one that even after my Chick Lit overdose I was able to pick up Linda Gerber's newest installment-- The Finnish Line. Some of these titles verge on the whiny, but this one was great throughout. Maureen Clark goes to Finland to train in ski jumping, as well as to get away from the shadow of her famous father. She's a little disappointed that the daughter of her host family doesn't like her, but she enjoys school, training, Finnish culture, and the attention of several boys. There's a great afterward about women's ski jumping in the Olympics-- there isn't any, even though women have been jumping competitively for 80 years! The difference in cultures is well-portrayed and very enjoyable. Gerber also wrote Now and Zen, another installment that was enjoyable. I hope that she goes to lots of different countries to write more of these! More on this author at:

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