Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Virtual War Chronologs

There are four books in this series: Virtual War(1997), The Clones(2002), The Revolt(2005) and The Choice (2006). They follow the adventures of Corgan and Sharla after they, with the help of Brig, when a virtual war for their society. The aftermath of winning this war isn't explained, and the other books take up the struggles with Brig's twin clones, Brigand (who is evil) and Seabrig.

These are fast-paced, futuristic books, at least after Corgan breaks out of his literal "box" in the first book. They circulate well.

I'm frustrated, though. The library copy of The Virtual War is falling apart in a rather spectacular fashion, and is out of print. The second book is also out of print. I had the same problem with Voigt's Bad Girls-- when the new one came out last year, I bought several used copies as back up, because they are constantly being lost, rendering the rest of the series rather useless.

We'll see how the glue goes before I recommend this too heartily.

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