Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shusterman and Skurzynski

Shusterman's The Dark Side of Nowhere was intriguing. What if you and most of your friends are really aliens who have subsumed human DNA and need injections to keep your human form from becoming alien? And you were sent to earth to take it over, but your parents decided the devastation wasn't worth it? And then someone started training you to become alien and take over anyway? Lots of good suspense, a little goofy, and fun. I have a couple of kids in mind for this after I glue the binding back together. Grrrr.

I'll also be gluing Spider's Voice back together, and maybe one on the fans of medieval fiction will be interested in the story of a mute boy who is a servant to Abelard while he is carrying on with Eloise. Rich in details of living at the time, but light on action and adventure. I enjoyed it, but it's not for the casual reader.

Absolutely could not get into Marsden's Tomorrow When The War Began or Oppel's Airborn. Heard good things about them at a conference, but I've been halfway through both of them for weeks now and just can't finish. This is not a good sign, and since I just put in a purchase order for the balance of my yearly book budget, I don't feel as bad about not purchasing them.

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