Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mega Biblion, mega kakon

Translated from the ancient Greek: A big book is a great evil.

Not always, but I had a pile of very thick books to slog through. Some of the volumes in this pile had been sitting there for a month, which is never a good sign. If I don't want to pick a book up, what are the chances that a student will. So, while these may be perfectly good books for other people at other times, I can't see them going out at my library:

Sandell. Song of the Sparrows. Arthurian legend in verse. 'Nuf said.

Moriarty. The Spell Book of Listen Taylor. Confusing start, tiny print, just couldn't find a foothold.

McKinley. Dragonhaven. Big disappointment, as I adore McKinley. This, however, was in a voice that I disliked, and was confusing, two things I never have seen in this author's work.I liked the premise, and would buy it for my hard core dragon fans if I had the funds, but sadly must pass.

Bladacci. The Camel Club. A parent recommended this adult espionage title for students, but it meandered a bit. I recommended a parent by this in paperback for a Christmas present, so I will check to see how the student liked it, but I couldn't get into it.

Singer. The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth. 1983. Ah, back when all the funny books emulated Paula Danziger in their long titles and New York setting. Concerning students in a Shakespeare production, this has been gathering dust for a number of years, and I can't see anyone being happy when I pressed it upon them. On to a better home.

That all said, Michael Chabon's Summerland (2002) went out for its one circulation a year yesterday, bringing the cost of this item down to $5.00 per circulation. Why I read books before I buy them.

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  1. Dragonhaven. Ah. Well, I made it about 1/2 way through before it became due... and someone else had a hold on it at WPL so I HAD to return it instead of renew it. Must be a teacher, too, since it's not due until FEBRUARY. That's odd. Thought teacher check-outs were only 8 weeks. Hmn. In any case, I have another hold on it... waiting, waiting. Found it hard going, slow... it didn't draw me in like her other books did (my FAVE of all is "Spindle's End", but love "Beauty" and "Rose Daughter" and "Outlaws," as well). I still wish to finish it sometime, tho.

    Summerland. Snore. I actually gave up on this one about 1/2 way through several years ago when I attempted to read it. Eldest son actually read it and finished it and when I asked his opinion (he was in 6th grade at the time), he said, "eh."