Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Angie Sage's Septimus Heap Trilogy

Need a ginormous fantasy series to keep your avid readers happy? Magyk, the first Septimus Heap book, weighs in at 564 pages, and I admittedly blanched when I saw this set, which does indeed start with a map. Still, I liked the Heap family, including the foundling Jenna; their fight to save their kingdom from the evil anti-wizards was sympathetic; and the spells, adventures and creatures will keep the fantasy fans eager for the next book. The only things I found annoying, in the end, were the bold print for any Magyk words and spells, and the long, slow reveal of the identity of Boy 412. I got that the first time we met him. Was I the only one?

I still need to read the next two books, but I am dreading them much less.



  1. I listened on audio, so I didn't have the problem with bold words. I have listened to all three so far in the series (it certainly appears that there will be more). And yes, Boy 412's identify was pretty obvious. Especially with the name of the series.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM EST

    I enjoyed the first book and am now working on the second one. Only I've got to say, I could do without the Harry Potter similarities. Rupert Gringe...come on! They make the book (books) slightly less original and seemingly forced fantasy. It makes me wonder if the author is deliberately teasing us with Potter-isms or if she even realizes she is doing it.