Monday, October 22, 2007

Full Throttle and Photo Finish

The last two books in Matthew Reilly's Hover Car Racer series are just as fast paced as the first. The good and bad are clear cut, the main character embodies all the good characteristics we try to teach students (Never give up!), and there are lots of edge-of-your-seat races. I particularly liked the fact that Jason did not win every race, but he learned from the races that he lost. I think that reluctant readers will like these, but also avid readers who like Star Wars. I am trying the series out on my son to see what he thinks of it. Definitely looking for more from this author.

Did not, however, feel warmly toward Anna Feinberg's Number 8. There were some things to recommend it (OCD, troubled home life, mystery), but it started so slowly, and went back and forth in points of view, so didn't grab me. Perhaps for high school students?

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