Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brandon Mull's Candy Shop War

Don't take candy from strangers.

Even strangers who run shops. Especially if the strangers ask you to do increasingly illegal errands for them while they are drugging the authority figures in your life with white fudge. Even if the candy they give you is magic and makes you fly or makes your enemies sprout fur, DON'T TAKE THE CANDY.

This book creeped me out. So students will love it.

Like Mull's Fablehaven, the children are in control of a lot, there is action and adventure, as well as some interesting magic.

I'm just disturbed. I was expecting something like Mrs. Piggle-wiggle. This is far more complex and involves a lot of evil. Evil with a smile. This objection is purely because I am an adult; I'm curious to see what the students think!

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  1. Have you seen this cool video made about Candy Shop War?

    It was posted on Youtube.