Friday, October 12, 2007

Blood Brothers by Harazin

Don't know how I missed commenting on this one, but Ronni gives a perfect description, and I agree with her completely!

There are a lot of new CSI type books, and while it alarms me that students are watching these shows, the books are well done and not nearly hard to deal with. Alane Ferguson's The Christopher Killer series is wonderfully done. Boys who like Blood Brothers may also like Morgenroth's Jude, which is a little grittier than I usually like, but for a longer book has enticed a lot of reluctant readers.

Thanks, Ronni! Tell your friend this is circulating really well at my library!

The author himself tags this as "for readers 14 and up".


  1. Wow! I was contemplating closing down my review site, but I have a few more things to put up there so I'll hold off.

    I'll definitely pass the good news on! :D

  2. I'm wonderin'... are u gonna get or do you have "Blood Brothers" in the ** school library?

    I'm reading it, and LOVE it -- I don't want to put it down (unusual for me for most teen/YA novels)... but, and I KNOW I'm an old fogey with prehistoric ideas and ideals, but is it a little, um, old, for middle school age kids? Reading age on the library books says 14+, and most middle school kids aren't quite 14.

    Just wonderin'... Though our eldest is 13 and in 7th grade, I'd like him to read this book... in a couple of years.

    Then again, I KNOW kids in middle school are reading "Go Ask Alice" (which I vaguely remember reading at some point) and the male counterpart to that (don't remember the name...) and that some schools are requiring freshmen to read "Speak" (good book but ouch!)... so maybe I'm just old fashioned and naive?