Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Collins/Rideout The Black Sheep

Feel compelled to get a book that deals with reality shows, just to reflect the current trends? This would be the one. Much more readable and deeper than The Actual Real Reality of Jennifer James (6/19/2007), the only problem I have with this one is the cover-- it should be pink, to reflect the content. There is some whining by the main character, but that also reflects the current trends. In the end, Kendra learns a bit about being grateful, and expands her horizons. Is this great literature? No. Is this a good period piece about reality shows? Yes. It will circulate well.

Almost tempted by Veronica Bennet's Cassandra's Sister. It would be good to hand to students who want to read Jane Austen but can't get through it. Written in a similar, slow-paced period style, it tells the story of Jane Austen's early life and examines why she went on to write. Less intriguing but more appropriate than this author's Angelmonster, I'll recommend this, but from the public library.

Sebastian Rooks Vampire Plagues: London, 1850 was better than I remembered when I picked it up during Book Fair last year. Readers of New Moon are not going to like this one, but readers of Darren Shan might be tempted. More historical adventure than a vampire saga, I found myself intrigued by the end of the book and want to find out how the children fight off the vampire god with the silly name I can't remember. They go to Paris, and then Mexico, I believe. A little light on historical detail, or I would give it to students who need to read a historical Accelerated Reader book in November.

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