Monday, May 21, 2007

Will Shakespeare

Enjoyed Carolyn Meyer's Loving Will Shakespeare. A lot of good details about life during those times, and just a generally interesting love story. This author has a very popular series of books on princesses of the past as well.

Still haven't read Rosemary Sisson's Will in Love all the way through. Same topic, different style, and a few years worth of dust. Maybe now that I have some background, it will be interesting.
5/29-- Not liking that in Sisson's book, they are desperately in love and situations work against them. I thought that the Meyer book was a good guess at how a girl seven years older ended up marrying Shakespeare. It follows her failed relationships, including one with a man who dies. They liked each other well enough, but in the end, he went to London to pursue fame and fortune and left her at home. It worked for me, whereas Sisson's has too much of that Star Crossed Lover aspect. Middle school girls, however, love that, so I think I will keep it around for those who really like Shakespeare.

Also about Shakespeare and/or his times: Blackwood's The Shakespeare Stealer series, Cheaney's The True Prince, Cooper's King of the Shadows. Thought I had more, for some reason!

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