Monday, May 14, 2007

Three really good books.

Had to Interlibrary Loan Janet Tasjian's Fault Lines, but I think the public library should buy a copy. The main character is a budding stand up comedian, which is fun, but she is also sinking deeper into a relationship with a boy who is abusive. His perspective is also shown, which is interesting. This author also has the wonderful The Gospel According to Larry and Multiple Choice. All good to have.

Liking Alice Mead. She's done good war novels (Adem's War, Dusk to Dawn), and Soldier Mom is an interesting account of how one girl's mother deployment to Desert Storm affects her life. Some whining involved, but that is certainly realistic.

Best book of the whole weekend was Ben Mikaelsen's Sparrow Hawk Red (1993). While this stretches the boundaries of credulity, what 13 year old isn't going to like the fact that the boy runs away to Mexico to steal a plane from international drug dealers and fly it home? Well researched, with lots of good details about what life is like for street children, plus lots of adventure. This author's Touching Spirit Bear is also very good.

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