Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scholastic Candy Apple Books

Well, these will never will an award (always a plus in my book!), but are very promising. My daughter bought one with a gift card, and I must admit that my expectations for The Accidental Cheerleader by McCoy were not high. Aggressively pink, and only available in paperback, but very good.

Sophie and her friend do everything together, but when Sophie makes the cheerleading squad and Kylie only gets to be the mascot, can their friendship survive? I liked Sophie a lot-- she was very practical, but had concerns typical to 7th grade. How much should she change to fit in with the crowd? How should she dress? Is being a cheerleader about supporting the team or being popular? Easy to read but not dumbed down, this will fly off the shelves. The other titles I need to look more closely at are Dower's The Boy Next Door (ah, but can it be as good as the Betty Cavanna of the same title?), Sedita's Miss Popularity and Papademetriou's How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days.

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