Wednesday, January 10, 2007 ROCKS!!!

I use rather extensively for reading reviews, and one early morning I entered a contest (had to pick five books you would give as gifts or somesuch), and I WON one of the five gift baskets (randomly picked, not because of my exquisiste prose!). It has hot cocoa mix, socks, candy, a gingerbread house kit (why do people even try to eat those? Bleargh.), a candle, etc. and ten BOOKS! I got to read Pretty Little Liars, which was intriguing but not appropriate for middle school, Hattie Big Sky, which was a great historical/survival novel, and Lenhard's second Chicks with Sticks, which I liked even better than the first one. I figure that since actual teenagers will be reading the books and benefitting from them, it's not really cheating that I won. It just said you had to be over 13, and I'm certainly way over 13!

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