Monday, January 29, 2007

Kathryn Reiss, etc.

Pale Phoenix (1994) was a good time travel/mystery/suspense book. It hasn't gone out a whole lot, but I think I can recommend it. It is also a nice, small size which makes it fun. I think I have a copy at home of Time Windows, also by this author, but not at school.

Also read Robert Kimmel Smith's Squeaky Wheel, and liked that. Fairly light story of boy struggling with the aftermath of his parents' divorce. Really liked this author's Jelly Belly.

Ann Rinaldi's Girl in Blue was a bit of a twist on the girl-disguising-herself-as-boy-to-go-to-war story; she gets found out three months in but then becomes a spy for Allan Pinkerton. That was great fun. Hard to go wrong with Ann Rinaldi. I've liked everything of hers that I've read, with the possible exception of The Coffin Quilt.

Rostkowski's The Best of Friends I will keep, since it is an interesting depiction of life during the Vietnam Conflict, but Peyton's Prove Yourself a Hero and Rodowsky's Sydney, Herself have to go. Not only were they boring, but they have stupid cover art. I'll try to get them out today, but I have my doubts. Nah. I would feel bad foisting them on students. That's a sure sign that it's time for something to be retired!

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