Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maureen Johnson

Loved 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Bought my own copy. Have three here at the library; they are never on the shelf.

However, I haven't liked Johnson's other books. Very disappointed. The Key to the Golden Firebird, although I liked the cover art, started in with ... don't even remember, so it didn't pull me right in, and then articles of clothing started being removed and undergarments were mentioned by name, so I stopped reading. I'm sure this will increase the circulation of this book at the public library, but I'm not buying a copy.

The Bermudez Triangle started out pretty well-- teens with summer jobs and at camp-- but when the main character got back from camp and found out that her two BFF's were, um, dating, I decided that I would pass on this title as well. I don't ever have students who come in and ask for books with those circumstances.

Devilish I will buy, even though it wasn't as good as Envelopes. Girl as private school finds out that her somewhat geeky best friend has sold her soul to a demon in exchange for a somewhat better life. Girl offers her soul instead; complications ensue. I am thinking that a sequel is in the offing. Demons always sell well, and it is certainly much less gory than Darren Shan's Lord Loss.

If you want to find out more about this author, whose good book is so wonderful that you must read it, check out her website at

I will read Girl at Sea when I can find it!

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