Thursday, May 10, 2012

Excitement in D.C.!

So, I'm in the Dulles Air and Space Annex with 150 8th graders, and there is a woman setting up a book signing across from the gift shop, where I am making sure that students don't try to play with the toys. I look at her display of books and recognize Soar, Elinor from a variety of Nonfiction Monday posts. My sleep deprived brain makes a middle grade connection, and I say to her "Did you also write The Map of Me?" She smiled and says "Why, yes! Yes, I did."

Here's Tami Lewis Brown of From the Mixed-Up Files and yours truly. Ms. Brown was kind enough to sign a copy of Soar, Elinor to Picky Reader, who was dragged over to meet her. (I'm not supposed to talk to P.R. because I am her teacher, not her mother. Geez.)

And Ms. Brown was kind enough to tell my students that she knew who I was.

I love the Kidlitosphere. It's so cool to meet authors in completely random places. A review of Soar, Elinor will be posted when I regain some mental compacity that has been diminished by herding 8th graders in public places and saying repeatedly "To your right! Your other right! Observe American traffic laws!"


Heidi’sbooks said...

Love it! How totally awesome to see a book signing in the middle of chaos.

Observe American traffic laws! is a new saying for me. I'll try using it.

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