Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I have successfully checked out TWENTY girl books to boys today, even without brown covers (although I'm going home to look for stretchy covers to bring in)! No boy I asked turned me down! The 8th grade football players got aggressively pink books like Geek Magnet and Love at First Click, fantasy lovers got Graceling and Alanna: The First Adventure, a baseball fan got Butler's Sliding Into Home, and a boy who wanted a war book got Klass' Soldier's Secret. All of the boys were very open to suggestions and willing to read other things.

I told one boy early in the day that the book (Love at First Click, one of the First Kisses series) would give him insight into what girls wanted. He looked at the circulation card and saw that one girl he had dated read it, so he took it! He mentioned on his way out of the building that he was enjoying it.

Ah, every day should have an evil plan. I would have checked out more of these, but I also had five SSR classes and five research classes, so the day was busy. I would make this a challenge if I had any energy left.


Jim said...

Every day SHOULD have an evil plan!

You rock,

BookMoot said...

This also shows how much your students trust, respect and like you!

Paige Y. said...

Congrats! I booktalked all day today, and despite my best efforts, felt that I was "girl-book heavy" once again. If I could spend a couple of hours at school reading each day, I might be able to even all out, who has time to read at work (even if reading is a vital part of my job).

Jen Robinson said...

I love it. I wish you all success with the continuation of your evil plan!

a. fortis said...

Yeah, Ms. Y!! You go. Brilliant plan!

saraclaradara said...

Brilliant! I love the way you think :-)

sarahamata said...

can tomorrow's evil plan to be to have girls walk out with _boy2girl_, _boytoy_, etc.-- not just books that have boys as main characters, but in which the main question of the book is, what does it mean to be a guy?

if you've got the footballers reading shiny pink books (may i suggest _the earth, my butt, and other big round things_), maybe it'll be a new fad at your school! your success is impressive!

Doret said...

That's some serious pop your collar skills.

Bibliovore said...

Woohoo! Let's hear it for eeeeevil plans. That's great to hear--I'm going to try it out on some of the kids who come into my library.

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